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Community Assessment

Local economic development programs can vary greatly from one community to another. To help community leaders better understand the economic development process and gain perspective as to the extent of local efforts, three program classifications have been established by which local officials can self-assess their respective levels of economic development preparedness.

The classifications include:

Resource: Community Economic Development Levels


Available Buildings and Sites

Guidelines for Listing Available Properties
Business location studies consistently show that available buildings and development sites rank among the top location factors for new and expanding companies. The Governor's Office of Economic Development maintains an online database of available buildings and development sites at to help with the promotion of South Dakota properties.

If you have a property you would like to list with the GOED, please take a few moments to review the guidelines below and ensure that your property is a good match for our site.

Our Audience

Our audience includes company leaders and site selection consultants who are looking to expand or relocate business operations. Industry focuses include manufacturing, back-office/financial activities, information technology, and the biosciences.
Retail properties with potential to be retrofitted for other industrial or commercial uses are welcome as long as they meet the size requirements below.

We will not list: Restaurants, Hunting Lodges, Motel's, B&B's, etc.

Community Size Minimum SF Required
0-10,000 Population 2,500-SF
10,000+ Population 10,000-SF

Exceptions are sometimes made for buildings not meeting size requirements. Please contact the GOED to discuss listing your property if size requirement is an issue.

Required Information

The following is the minimum information required to list a property on GOED's website:

Download the following forms to list your available property:
Building  ||  Land

Providing photos of your available property is strongly encouraged. Recommended photos/images include: